Jornal "A Época"
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De: Olga em Sebastopol para Nina no Brasil datado de  1° de Setembro de 1929 ( Cartão no álbum da Tiche)

The bridge and the building both survived in the war. Now every
wedding party comes to the bridge, groom and bride walk to each other,
meet on the middle of the bridge and kiss each other....(Descrição feita por Eugene Snezhkin em 2013). Foto atual da ponte




Dear heart Nina
Got your letter and finally ready to response you. You wrote that time
goes slow there, here it does fly so fast, can't do what needed to do.
You wrote you're going to give music lessons - I do advice you start
that soon because you could feel the time. Ira is kissing you and
asking you write her personally. She is already in IX group. I now
also do play often on piano and Ira made good success, I'm thinking
about taking a German teacher for her in Fall. Take care, kiss you
strongly, Olya

Text upside down on the top of card
Tamara, it seems, in Moscow, try to write her to Greek consulate or ask there.